Violet Storm



Eyes: MUS MS Dry Lake, Smoke, Ghetteo, Volga and Beaver. MUS ED Hot, Latin and Sparkle. MUS CS Babydoll, Metallic Plum. MUS EL Violet Storm, Golddigger

Lips: MUS liners Violet Storm, Snowhite. MUS Lipstick Violet, Magic Spell. Some Latin Eyedust and a sheer gloss.



For Halloween I wanted to be Maleficent. I realize a lot of people would want to this year, so normally I’d wait for it, however, even though I haven’t become the coolest villain/good guy yet, I relate to her story in ways I hoped I never would. Sort of like I did with Black swan, gosh am I stuck in melancholia or what? Anyway.. The way she deals with it inspires me to be stronger, tougher and try not to forget that there is still love in the world. So this is sort of a tribute both to myself, and everyone out there having survived the harsh cruelty of certain people. I don’t know if i like saying survived, it doesn’t feel like that too often. However. Im standing strong, with both feet still on planet earth. Dedicating my life to the beauty in life, art, sparkle and poetry.